Step95: Revision 2018 – The Fall – 30Mar2018


Revision 2018

So on the end of march we presented « The Fall » at the Revision 2018 Amiga competition. The event started on Friday 30th march (Easter week end), at Saarbrucken in Germany. 10 people have been involved in that demo and lot of them was there: Soundy (Switverland) , Dan (UK), Made (France), Facet (Nederland), Dascon (Germany). Even Rahow went there from Israel. Prowler (End logo) was also there.

The Amiga demo deadline was at 12:00 (noon) on Sunday 1st april. Of course, we work until there. Prowler delivered the end logo at 11h30!

Our demo registered as a compo entry

The competition was planned at 23:00 but was delayed but a music concert. It happended 1 or 2 hours later. We were waiting for it with my wife on the revision twitch channel 🙂

Here is the full Amiga demo (with Audience sound). There were 6 productions, some A500 and some A1200. We could discuss about the fact that slower machine (A500 7Mhz) are in the same category than faster machine (AGA machines with 060 processors), but as there are not much prods here, separating the prods is not possible.

The fall is last, start at 24:00.

The reaction of the speaker is also nice. There spoke about the was Atari/Amiga, because one of our member (Leonard) is a famous Atari ST coder.

TODO: Make a capture of the video.

You can check it on the revision twitch :

Our demos is at 24’00 and the end comment are at 32’00.

Next day (Monday), the results are given.

The fall is first. Yeah

The crew on stage for prize giving





Here is the full demo (competition version)

After the party


Building the final version

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