Step84: Tool – SlamTilt joiner – Nov 1996



Slamtilt is a pinball game on Amiga1200.

I like the « Pinball dreams » and sequels games. This one was also nice.

This game could run on hard disk.

The tool – « Slamtilt Hiscores Joiner »

We played quite a lot that game. And we each have some score on our Amiga. We wanted to merge the score but that was not possible. So I wrote a tool to do this. The tool have been released and listed on Aminet.

TODO: Add sources

The « Readme » files


* Hiscore Joiner for SLAMTILT   *
*                               *
* Made by Oriens Oo Les Shadock *
*                \/             *
* 6th november 1996             *
            Hiscore Joiner for SLAMTILT

              By Oriens / Les Shadock

 This program simply takes two tables  of hiscores,
and  links  them. The result  will be saved  on the
first tables loaded. 

In  order to  use this  joiner, you  should respect
two rules :

1) Execute the program in your  SlamTilt directory.
   (The four hiscores  tables will be only searched
   in  the current directory.)
   These files are: Mean.dat, Pirate.dat, Space.dat
   and Demo.dat.

2) Copy the four others tables on a disk which will
   be asked in DF0:.

NB: This program needs Reqtool.lib to run.

                Have fun with the great SLAMTILT !!

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