Step77: Playstation


I remember that I was playing with a super nintendo at that time. A friend brougth a Japanese playstation to our student appartement. We discovered the two first fighting games of the console : Toshiden and Tekken

3D 3D 3D

The aera of 2D was over. 3D, previously in arcade games was now at home. That was a real pleasure. Even if the playstation first generation of games were not perfect, all of these was totally new to us.

On the hardware point of view, having 3D chipsets in console was a real progress.


Amiga was clearly missing two important things: Chunky system and 3D hardware chipsets. In term of game and demos. Since 1993 and the first « real » demos on PC, Amiga was loosing lot of interest. Anyway, still lot of people, me included, liked to used it. I used my A1200 until 1998.

Demos made on Playstation

Demos can be done on any hardware. Using a so nice hardware as the one of the Playstation is a pleasure. On the excellent website pouet, 93 hardware machine are referenced for running demos.

Here are the two best demos.

Elitegroup – Pawlov

Deadline caught me – paradox & 3pixels

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