Step66: Fighting game – Fev 1993

Fighting game

In 1992, I’ve been very impressed by 2 arcade games. The first one was « Street fighter 2 » and the second one was « Mortal Kombat ».

The second one has my preference. After seeing the game in arcade hall, I decided to start one game using digitalised arts. That was a good way to create art without having real artist. A friend of mine had a PC with an acquisition card. (Yes a PC!!!).

Martial arts

I was practising martial arts since I was 8 so I knew quite lot of moves. We recorded moves during some hours. I was wearing a classical kimono. We did this in the dojo of the school, in the gym. We then scanned the video to extract pictures and retake them to remove background.

Esiee Fighters

The game was nammed « Esiee Fighters », like the school 🙂 Here are some quick and dirty mockup.

The work was huge and we quickly gave up. The result was not as nice as the game we liked.  Doing a fighting game is a real hard pain and artists are obviously required.

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