Step62: Amiga 1200 – Dec 1992


Late 1992, my amiga 500 died. The Amiga 1200 was just released so I asked my parent to get one and they miraculously accepted. The Amiga 1200 is an advance Amiga 500, with more memory, more color (8 bitplanes instead of 6), a faster CPU (68020) and lot of new things. The overall sensation is to have a « boosted » Amiga 500, not a new machine.

Each color have now 256 levels components (instead of 16). My first try was to display a nice color shade.

TODO first demo.

My second try was to display a big picture in 256 colors.

I also coded a « unlimited bob » demo. The principle is to have multiple video buffer and to cycle them. That create the illusion to have lot of bobs on screen although there is only one displayed each frame. It compute a graphic animation.


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