Step56: Fuck Demo – Melon Dezign – Jul 1992


It was very common to great people in demo texts, but also very common to fuck some. I do not know why, but sceners often hate each others. Hopefully there were lot of cool guys in the demo scene. Creating a demo was an exercise we wanted to try, Tebirod and me.

TODO: Photos Tebi et moi.

So we started creating a fuck demo toward the group « Melon Dezign ». We did not hate them, but their graphic style was annoying us (that was not justified, the melon dezign art style was nice!). But when we are young, we are stupid.
We decided to do a parody of Melon Dezign demos. The demo was aimed to three people: Performer, the coder, Walt the artist, and Audiomonster the musician. The artist was reputed to sign each of its arts and the musician was famous for having bad quality loops on his samples.

As I said, I really did not hate them, as I only knew personnally Performer. I met him several time. He was nice and even gave me some code of a game level editor to help me during my game creation.
Years later I worked with Audiomonster, when creating a racing game on Playstation2. I did not met him often, he was external to the team. After this we kept contact. But one day, he really behave like an asshole with me and I decided never to contact him again.

So surely this fuck demo was deserved !! Asshole one day, asshole forever.

We decided to parody the demo « Human Target » from « Melon Dezign ».
I became « Haemorroid Target » by « Bidon Design » (« Bidon » means « Fake » in French).

The full demo with hidden part 1

The 3 hidden parts (need to use left mouse button, joystick fire and/or right mouse button)


Original demo:

The funny things is that some people thought the demo was from the group « Hemoroids ». Sorry for that.


It shows a face. (ripped from where ?)

Part 1: Intro

It starts with a face logo, then animation of a small ass chased by a bouncing dick (Art by Tebirod). The melting « present » and the logo with wave effect. This effect is the same as the original demo. I ripped art and code (ressource). Music is original music.

Part 2: Main demo

This part is a parody of the « human target » demo. The main scroll and font is the same as original demo, except the shape of dick in the puzzle elements. The differents effects are:
– Boucing cube. This is art animation
– Game boy animation. Porn animation into a game boy.
– Commercial break, with same ugly design background as original demo.
– Lighted glenz. scrolling into a static glenz vector art.
– Lighted scrolling, with some letters signed by « Walt ».

Tebirod composed an horrible music for this, emphasinf the problem on loops. Some parts are cover of real modules, can you recognize them ? He sampled his voice to create same effects as in original demo.

Part 3: Final part.

The small ass get fucked by the bouncing dick. High moment of poetry. Then big dick picture and music « Ah la salope » a famous french song (« Bitch, go to clean your ass »).

Hidden part 1: The punishers

Boot demo and keep the left mouse button pressed.

Hidden part 2:

Boot demo and keep the right mouse button pressed.

Hidden part 3:

Mouse in port 2 (or joystick). Boot demo and keep the left mouse button pressed.

Hidden part4:

This require mouse and joystick. Boot and keep right mouse button, and joystick fire pressed.

Oriens :  » Bidon Design : Haemoroid Target » (Download it) 1 disk. Parody mega demo in the melon design style (try mouse bouttons at start for multiple hiden parts).

4 parties cachées

Demo: Desert Dreams Kefrens 1993

Spaceballs : 9 fingers

Here is the making of


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