Step54: School Project Demo – Jun 1992

One guy (Laurent) contacted my one day. He’ll had to present a school project about « adverts in game » (french « BTS »). In 1992, this was an innovative concept. So he wanted me to create a demo that he would show during his project presentation at school.

The demo is basically a slideshow of slides, like a powerpoint presentation. Kreator drew aadverts on 4 games screenshots (see below). At the end I’ve added a nice chessboard effect.

Code and data : HERE


Kreator modified 4 games screenshots to add adverts in them. These were hits of that time, can you find the name of the games ?

The games are : Dragon Ninja, Lotus esprit turbo challenge, Panza Kick Boxing and Robocop.


Here is the video of the chessboard effect at end:

The full source code is HERE.


The music was ripped from « Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge ». By the way, do you know that there is an subliminal message in that module ? There is an « hidden » sample in position 31. If you play it, you can here a voice saying « Do not copy this game ». It is surely played in the music somewhere.



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