Step51: Intro « Rtatdvg » – Fev 1992 (unreleased)


I’ve never been interested into 3D, but I wanted to try vectorial drawing. I choosed to create a system based on polar coordinates. In this system each point is defined by an angle and one distance. All arts are quite geometric and based on circles.
I’ve defined shapes with this system. The drawing was done using the blitter with line and fill.
The same system (but more complex) was used in the great game « another world ».

Here is a video:

I’ve composed the music. I’ve created the samples from my synthetiser Korg M1.

I have not released any demo using this system.

TODO: Add video.
J’ai la video

Great game:
Another world

Great demo:
State of the Art by Spaceballs : (lot of vectors inside)


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