Step47: Iris New Year Conference 1992 – Dec 1991

Party Time

As we won the competition last year, we com again to Iris demo party with our second mega demo.

Date    1991-12-28
Organizer    Iris
Country    [France] France
City    Paris (30km north of Paris)
Place    Nesles la Vallee

Here are some infos about the party :

I remember beeing next to the amiga during the compo for pressing the mouse button to go to next parts.

The compo

The technical level have raised a lot since last year. 20 Demos have been presented. Our mega demo was nice but had slow pace. It was lacking of spectacular effects and rythm. The mega demo was not in the top 3.

The winning demos:
1/ Inner Vision /   Dreamdealers

2/ Colors / Devils
3/ The Punishment / Syntex    Megademo

Here is a video from Arnaud Guyon (Ritchy)

Around 3’20 we can see the Bruno Carette demo and then we can see us three : Kreator, Oriens (Me) and Elric.

Kreator (black on left), Oriens (me) from back with blue pullover

Elric on far right (black hair)

Elric far left on the back

The others demos of the party:

Moby second prize at music competition


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