Step42: Logos – How to do a nice logos, examples

How to create nice logos

Creating a logo was a tough job in the time. The main points were:

  • Define the size of the logo (with coders)
  • Define the number of colors allowed in the logo (2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 colors)
  • Define the style (there were no TTF font at that time, so the style had to be reinvented)

The very first logos were simples or inspired by existing typographies.

Hawk logos

Here is a compilation of HAWK logos, with some unreleased logos.

The best logos

From this website and 300 voters, here are the best amiga logos

Angel Dawn / Fairlight


Reward / Scoopex

Krest3 / Anarchy

Uno / Cryptoburners

Logos collection

Here is a very nice mockup of lot of amiga logos (from deviant art « demoscene amiga »)

Cool demo of that time

Anarchy – Inspiration is None (1991)


Nice collection of scene logos :

Logos patchwork by « demoscene amiga » :

Best logos of Amiga scene :

Who created the best logo :

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