Step4: Atari ST – 1987

Atari ST

After the C64, I asked my parent to buy me an Atari ST. I can not remember why we choosed this computer, surely for the MIDI built in possibilities.

(photo of an Atari 1040 St)
We bought it in Paris, in a store called « Electron » (porte de Champeret). Here is a commercial from this period.

I can remember my first game. It was called « Arena » and was a sport game.

The game was nice. Huge sprites. Unfortunately I had many crash while playing and while using the computer. When an atari ST crash it display « bombs ».

So we brought it back and I asked for an Amiga instead. Why having changed my mind ?
This is because I saw an Amiga in a friend meanwhile. Story in the next article.

Demos of that time

On the same time on Amiga, the first demos were released.

1987 (Nov) Tech Tech » by Sodan & Magician 42. Arts ripped from « Defender of the crown ». Music sampled from Depeche mode, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys (West End girls)

Music inspiration:

Pet shop boys – West end girls

Kraftwerk – Music non stop (« point boum tchak »)

Depeche mode – Strange Love (« Pain, will you return it? I’ll say it again, pain »)

Games of that time

Dungeon Master (Atari ST) 1987

Defender of the crown (1986)

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