Step34: Vocabulary – Part 2

So more vocabulary …

Compos: Creations presented at à demoparty.

Copyparty / Demoparty : Gathering of people for sharing moments around demo scene. (Copy party were the same, but for copying game). Demo parties have usually contest with lot of differents categories (best demo, best graphic, best music, …)

Warez / Stuff : New creation (or new game). « Hot stuff ».

Trackmo : Demo that directly use the track of the floppy.

Dentro : Creation between « Intro » and « Demo ». Bigger than an intro, smaller than a demo.

Unpack, uncrunch, decrunch : Uncompress data.

VBL : Vertical Blank Line. Time where the electron beam hit the bottom of the screen and is going up.

FPS : « Frame Per Second ». Demo on amiga usually run at full speed 50 FPS (PAL) and 60 FPS (NTSC).

Demoscene : The informal international community that produces and watches demos (audiovisual computer programs).

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