Step32: Concept Tune Disk – 1990

Concept Tune disk

I spend lot of time with people of « Concept ». This is the new name of the « T.S.F » group. They released a music disk call « Concept – Tune Disk #1« . Code by Eureka, art by Aces and music by Tebirod.

Also arts by Quartz and music by Nhp, but I could not remember if I also met them (« nhp » stands for french « Nicolas Haut Parleur » 🙂 ).

Nice work.

Here is the intro of the music disk

And the first song (capture is bad after first song)

Modules made by tebirod


Talk gun


Forbiden games


Aventure parallele


Dark desire

Cool music disk of that time

The Silents – Sound of Silents (Musics by Jesper Kyd)

Amiga Music Disk: House Music (1990)(Vision)

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