Step3: C64 – CPC – Intros

Commodore 64

The first computer I had was a Commodore 64. A friend of mine had one and I wanted also the same. In France, the C64 was not very popular (the Amstrad CPC was), so we had hard time to find one shop that was selling it. My uncle Ezio bought it for me.

The C64 was (is) a wonderful machine. I had lot of pleasure using it for games. I also tried a bit making music and programming in basic. I did not have books so learning was hard. I tried to buy a book for learning assembly but I did not have any assembly tool. So I did not succeed in coding on ASM on C64. That was a huge frustration. (I coded  small intro in 2003!! see link at end).

I would write a full blog on the C64 as it is a so cool machine. The demo scene is also very strong on that machine. The intro of crackers were looking fabulous to me. Colors, bars, scrolling, texts. That was definitively things I wanted to do.

Here is my C64 collection:

I had some arcade game on my C64. I loved arcade games and one day I knew I would be programming some

The first compilation my mother bought me

The tape contained port of arcade games like Up an Down and Spy Hunter.

Wrinting an intro for the C64

Here is my page talking about C64

You can find there all things I’ve done on C64 recently. For example adding a « color enhancer » filter on winvice, transfering disks or writing an intro.

Here is a screenshot of the intro I wrote

Here is the source code :

And the disk image to run it :

Demos and Intro

The demo scene was very active at that time, but I was not very involved. I only had tapes or floppies with games. No one proposed me demos.

A nice site to see demos :

I still look at C64 today. Some are really impressive. C64 is a small computer but have so many nice things in it. The processor for doing scrolling and the audio SID for example.

This one from 2016

Here are classic intros

The sound on C64 is really exceptionnal.

I like to listen to SID modules.
Here is a typical C64 tune. I recorded it from tape original (so loooooong to load, but that give time to listen to music 🙂 )

I also like remakes. A good site is :

Amstrad CPC

All my friends had an AMSTRAD CPC. The color are nice and the basic is excellent (basic on C64 is not very well done).

Some games I remember



Passagers du temps

CPC Demos

I do not know much of the CPC demo scene, but there are some very nice demos.

2018 – phX by Condense (Amstrad CPC 6128)

Isometrikum Vanity – 4K Intro

CRTC³ – Amstrad 6128+ cartridge demo – Ranked 1st at Alchimie 2017

Here is a super tutorial about coding on CPC (in french) for the above demo CRTC³

Some Arcade Games

Space Harrier (1985) – Great game with depth sensation from Sega and Yu Suzuki (Out Run, Virtua Racing, Shenmue …)

Out Run (1986) Sega



One thought on “Step3: C64 – CPC – Intros

  1. Paymaan Jafari

    My first computer was a C64C too, my country was just passed a war and I‌ worked 3 months after school to save enough for buying one. Wrote lots of Basic and Assembly, bars and animation on that machine and then switched to Amiga.
    C64 is the best computer for a beginner to learn, You just turn it on and you can start programming. Nothing compares to it.

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