Step19: Vocabulary – Part 1

You’ve read many things until here. But did your understood everything ? Maybe you need some explanation of the most common terms used in the Amiga demoscene.

Demo: Non interactive program, combining technical skills and artistic knowledge (art and audio).

Real Time: Everything you see is computed by the computer (not simply displayed, processed and then displayed).

Pre-computed: Some data (or everything) may be computed before the demo start.

Intro: Small demo.

Coder: Programmer. The person who is in charge of the programming part.

Source code: This is what a programmer write. Most common language on Amiga is « Assembly ».

Assembler: Tool used to write source code and convert into binary executable. Also written « ASM »

Gfx: Piece of art. Done by a Graphic Artist.

Module: Piece of music. Usually file named a « mod ». Done by a musician.

Tracker: Software used to write music modules.

Sample: Audio sound, recorded from real sound.

Demo group: Bunch of guys who are creating demos.

Scrolling: Text wich is moving on screen. Usually right to left, and can have any length.

Sinus scroll: Scrolling which ondulate.

Board / BBS : Server on which people connect through telephone line and model in order to chat or download some programs.

Cracktro: Intro used on a game that have been unprotected (=cracked)

Supplier : Member of a crack group, providing new original games.

Swapper: Member of a crack group, send cracked games by postmail (and use glue on stamp to reuse them!)

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