Step10: Intros for Dino, End 1989 to May 1990

GLG introduced me to one of  his friend Saer « Dino ». He was a member of the C64 group « Yankees ». For some reasons I can not remember, he asked me if I can code some intros for him. He was really nice, so I said yes of course.

As we did not have internet at that time, I often move to see friends. We exchanged ideas and work together at each other home. That was something nice because I often went home and I met lot of people during that time.

I coded three simple intros. You can see the videos after.

Intro 1

Simple intro with scrolling

No idea where music and art came from. I do not have source code or data for this one.

Intro 2

Bouncing intro.

Arts done by me, so not very nice indeed.

Music from Pasi Liimatainen « Drucer ». Name « loadermuzak ».

The technical point here was to move big « bobs ». A « bob » was the name for a moving element. You can also call it « sprite » (but on Amiga, they were hardware sprite, so can be confusing if not using them).

Sources & Data :

Source code: INTRO.S

Intro 3

This is surely the best intro of the 3.


Font have been done by a friend of mine, Jerome « Aragorn ». He’ll soon joined HAWK under the name of « Kreator ». We’ll see that later.


Music from Jochen Hippel (« Chambers of Shaolin » game), excellent song. Futur composer format. See next step for explanation about that format.

A bit of technic:

Source code and Data:

Source code: DINO3.6.s

The arts are all in 1 color. The intro heavily use the color changes using the copper. It also use the « decay » register (0 to 16 pixels) to create the wave effect.

The horizontal color scrolling is done using multiple color change on the same line.

The copper list is this one:

    DC.L    $2735FFFE
DC.L $01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000
DC.L $01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,  $01800000,$01800000
DC.L $01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000
DC.L $01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000,$01800000

You only have to fill that fill with color values to create the moving horizontal line effect. One wait instruction, and then 25 color changes. Changing a register takes some times. Roughly the display beam move 16 pixels while one register is beeing changed. Thats why you do not need any « wait » instruction. That also means that you can not modifiy register in less than 16 pixels width size. there are some tricks for that, we’ll see that later.

I wrote nice header in the source code. Check it in the source code HERE.

The intro executables can be found into:

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